Friday, February 6, 2009

Another week of easy running

The elements have buggered off today, so I should get a fairly relaxed run in this evening. CR has me on another week of easy running to get the legs used to miles again. As much as I'm liking all these easy 8 mile runs I can't help fearing what next Tuesday's workout will be like. It'll be the first speed session in about 4 weeks. I have the feeling of stiff legs just thinking about it.

Another reason to be grateful for no Friday speedwork this week is the fact that Thursday's "couple of pints with ex-flatmate from London, get last bus home" turned into "lots of pints in 3 different pubs around town, accumulating in Private stumbling out of a taxi and into bed at 3am". You'd think I'd know myself better by now. When the decision of one more pint or last bus came up I should have known that once that bus was gone there was going to be many more pints to be had. A blow out every now and again never hurt anyone. How about two blow outs in three days? Does that hurt anyone? I'll answer that after Sunday's long run.
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