Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting the race out of my legs

Talking to CR on Monday he asked how my legs were feeling since the race at the weekend. I explained that on Sunday the 4 mile run was a total struggle, while on Monday the first half of the 6 miles was a breeze but I tired during the second. With that he decided that there was no speedwork until Friday. Tuesday's workout was replaced with 8 miles easy, Wednesday and Thursday were to be 10 miles easy. This way the race should be completely out of my legs by the time I next have to push myself in training. His metaphor was that by doing a speedwork day while my legs were tired from the race would be similar to going against the grain on a block of wood.

On Wednesday I had to take the Garmin out with me as I was going a new route which would hopefully be around 10 miles without having to repeat myself at the end. The good news is that it was, one complete loop measured exactly 9.98 miles. I often wonder if I run faster on the days I have the watch on or if I go that pace all the time. Subconciously am I picking the pace up just because it's being timed? I know on the few long runs I've had the watch with me that I do tend to up the pace when I spot my time around the 10 mile mark (it's always the 10 mile spot that I glance at my watch, no calculation is really needed to figure out the average mile time). Wednesday's ten miles averaged just under 7 minute a mile. As I had the route measured for Thursday there was no need for the watch. At times I felt like I was faster than Wednesday, but the pace seemed to be very stop start, so more than likely it averaged out as slightly slower. Not anything I'm bothered by. If the times were important for easy runs I'd have a watch with me.

One thing I can deduce from how I felt on these two ten milers is that the race is definitely out of my legs.
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