Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Heart Brooks ST 3

Back when I visited America in November I needed to pick up a pair of racing flats. I'd only taken a pair of Kayanos with me. Doing interval sessions and tempo runs in such heavy shoes was no fun at all. I stopped by the local running shop to pick up a pair of trusty Asics DS racers but was recommended the Brooks ST 3 racers instead. I'd been a bit weary of Brooks every since I was sold a pair of Brooks Beast in France. I wasn't sold them because I needed such a controlling shoe, but simply because they had no other shoe in my size. The Beast, for anyone who has never been unlucky enough to have to wear them, is a heavy, heavy shoe. Running in them feels like you are running with weights attached to your feet. In the States however, the guy in the shop seemed to know his stuff and wasn't just offering me the ST 3s because he had nothing else in his store, he generally believed they were the best he had for me.

The ST 3 Racers are the anti-Beast and are by far and away the shoe I've been happiest in.The minute I put them on and go for a warm up jog I feel like I'm moving faster. They're light enough for a 5k race and allegedly can be worn in the marathon. I say allegedly because I'm unsure about racing shoes in the marathon and me. These could change that mind. The only draw back to them is that I don't find the grip to be great on slick surfaces. The 10k race a few weeks back had a slippery surface and I struggled in the early stages of the race with them. Days like last night however, where the ground was bone dry, are absolutely ideal for them.

Last night's run was meant to be 10 miles with 6 miles steady. I think tempo would be a more accurate description of the 6 miles. My pace for the 6 miles was 5:47 min per mile. At 5k the pace was 5:48 which shows that the pace was very consistent. My goal for the session was probably sub 6, so I'm very content with the 5:47. The pace was strong for the most part, without going flat out. To put this time in perspective I've had a glance at last years races. Last April I set a then 10k Pb with an average pace of 5:45. Now here I am just over 10 months later, running an average 5:47 for just under 10k on a training run, by myself, with 40 miles already run in the four days before hand. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Today called for 4 miles very easy or a day of rest. The legs called for a rest and I've given them that. I reckon if it had been a day made for running, blue sky and what not, I'd have gone out, it wasn't and I didn't. Tomorrow's 15 miler should be interesting. They've been comfortable enough for the past few weeks, but the last few weeks haven't been run with a week of heavy running behind me.
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