Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This time last time: 11 weeks to go

Back in the lovely world of summer 2007, the weeks training 11 weeks prior to the Dublin marathon leaves present day Private slightly confused. I can only guess that at the time CR was on holiday and I was left to my own devices training wise because on the Monday I went out and ran an easy 9 miles, which was the day after a 10km race, and then the Tuesday I ran 13 x 400m at the track in 1:15 with a 1 minute break. Why I'm confused is because in the real world of 2009 I have also just completed a 10km race and the day after I laboured my way through a 4 mile easy run. Two days after I did 6 miles very easy. In fact there is no speed work on the cards until Friday, 6 days after the race. One guess for the logic of training like that in 2007 is that I didn't push myself in a race as much as I do now and therefore wasn't nearly as stiff in the days following the race. On the Wednesday, shockingly, there's a note beside 6 miles easy in my log saying "Legs tired". NO SHIT PRIVATE, YOU RAN A RACE A FEW DAYS AGO!!

Like many times when I lived in France I had visitors that week and that interrupted my training towards the end of the week. On the Thursday I ran 6 miles easy again, before taking Friday's speedwork off, because I was lying on a beach all day with my sister and her husband. They were only passing through town quickly and weren't around at the weekend, so training went back to normal. On the Saturday I made up for the lost speedwork session by doing a session at the track that involved running on the grass on the inside of the track. All in I covered about 5 miles, running the straight on the grass fairly hard and then jogging easily across to the other straight and going again, 24 times. On the Sunday my long run returned to 15 miles for the first time in about four weeks.

The training plan 11 weeks to go in 2009 looks something like this:
Monday 6 miles easy
Tuesday 8 miles easy
Wednesday 10 miles easy
Thursday 8-10 miles easy
Friday 8 miles with 8 x 2 mins intervals. Not to be done flat out.
Saturday 4 miles easy
Sunday 15 miles not easy but not hard
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