Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This time last time: 12 weeks to go

It kind of disturbs me how I can remember individual sessions at the track from 18 months ago just by the little side notes I have in my training log. If I look at my training log from last summer one week's workout just seems to blend into the next week's, but somehow I remember the majority of the Montpellier sessions and how I actually felt during them. There's nothing in my training log except what the session was and the times....

12 weeks before Dublin was, like this week, a race week. One difference in the plans of then and now is that even on a race week then I did two workouts (Tuesday and Thursday), this time there'll just be the one.

On the Monday I ran 9 miles easy and a track session on the Tuesday which was 15 x 300m in 52 - 54s. If I remember correctly the lads at the track went for this as it was windy, meaning this was an easy way of skipping a section where the wind was the strongest. On the Wednesday I ran 15 miles, obviously missing the last weekends long run was playing on my mind there. Thursday I hit the track again for another session with Monsieur Laget. My session was 3 x 1500m and 1 x 1000m. After the three 1500s (4:55, 4:57, 5:01) I wanted to drop out. Laget gave me a pep talk and made me do a final 1000m with them. They were doing another 1500m (maybe more after that). My protestations about racing on Sunday fell on deaf ears as he was racing as well and he made the point that the goal was not Sunday, the goal was the marathon. The Friday I did 6 easy miles with Saturday off and race on Sunday.

The race was a 10.5k race just outside Montagnac. I'm fairly sure the course distance wasn't accurate, times reflect this somewhat. It was exceptionally hot that morning, so hot that Laget advised me to not bother with much of a warm up. The course was one short lap and three large laps, each with a massive hill. I finished 12th in a time of 41:15. Laget won the race at a canter. I didn't notice at the start that he wasn't up there but after 800m he cruised by me, shouted at me to up my pace, and continued sauntering to the front of the field. In the end he won it in just under 37 minutes (part of the reason I don't think the course was accurately measured - heat and hills obviously also played a part in the slow time), over a minute and a half from second place.

My running agenda this week looks nowhere near as tough as what I did in 2007. I'm fairly surprised that I put that many miles in on a race week. Unlike 12 weeks to go 2007, 12 weeks to go 2009 will have a slight taper in the second half of the week for the weekend race.
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