Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You wouldn't put a duck out in that

Without a shadow a doubt, the conditions at the end of last night's run were the worst I've ever run in. The opening 4 or 5 miles were grand. Mushy snow on the footpaths was a bit annoying as it was more of a squelching slog than anything else. Just as I got to to clear roads on the way back home the heavens opened and the wind picked up. As is always the case the wind was straight at me and bitterly cold to boot. Within minutes there was a layer of snow on top of my four layers of clothing. My hands were numb, and I was counting down the minutes to what I estimated would be my arrival chez moi. At this stage I glanced across the road and saw another runner going in the same direction as myself, likewise battling against the wind. One thing stood out mind... HE WAS IN SHORTS!!! Honest to God, Shorts... I had a hat, gloves, under armour top, long sleeve top, short sleeve top, wind jacket and trousers on and he had shorts and long sleeve t-shirt. Absolutely insane. If I could have worn more, I would have. Arriving back in and I was soaked through every item of clothing that I had on.... socks, underwear, under armour, you name it.

Thankfully the snow's gone today after a lovely storm last night so tonight's run should be a little bit more pleasant, although still fairly cold.
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