Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Never as tired as when I'm waking up

Coming off the month where I've clocked my highest monthly mileage ever (OK, it was only by 3 miles, but this was a short month with only 3 long runs, each one 15 miles) I'm glad to have a race this weekend. It means that after tomorrow there'll be a slight taper and tonight will be the only workout of the week. The workout will be 16 x 1 minute pickups with a 90 second jog recovery. My intended pace for that should be below the normal for that session. Finish tired, but not wrecked. It shouldn't be too hard to stay at an easier than normal pace because to be honest the legs are feeling a bit heavy.

Yesterday's easy run was at by far the slowest pace I've gone at in a long, long time. Any slower and I'd have been walking. Sunday's run was definitely in the legs. I wondered how much harder the long run would be after Friday's tempo run and I got my answer. At 10 miles I noticed I was running harder than I'd set out to run. I don't know how long I'd been running at the pace, my mind had clearly wandered for some time. I reduced the pace and thought to myself how easy the run was, even at the pace I'd been going. Within minutes my hamstrings decided to tighten and my calf muscles seemed to turn into rocks. The positive I'm taking out of this run is that even with my legs feeling run down from miles 13-15 I knew that if I had to I could kick on and run faster. I couldn't have run many more miles but I knew I could go faster if there was a need - there was no need so I took it easy for the remainder.

Early reports for the weekend have it to be a miserable race day. Glancing out the window here shows that todays session could be an ideal trial run for that.
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