Monday, March 16, 2009

There goes the fear

Long run elevation
First Ballycotton and now yesterday's long run. The confidence is soaring at the moment. CR asked me to take two gels on yesterday's 16 mile run - one at 5 miles and one at 10. To do this I had to rejig my route somewhat so I could ditch the bottles at the right place. Therefore the Garmin had to come with me to measure the route. I forbid myself from looking at the watch at any stage as I didn't want to set any "records" on this run. I wanted a comfortable pace throughout, not to push myself and to be safe in the knowledge that if I needed to go up a gear I could. That is exactly how the run went. I didn't feel like I was going fast at any stage. This was cruising. The normal struggle of the final 2 or 3 miles was nowhere to be found.

After finishing I felt that I could have gone on at that pace for a couple of more miles. Usually when I stop after a long run I can feel it in my legs that I've just stopped running. You know that shakey feeling where the legs seem to cease up immediately? This time that feeling was no where to be found. In fact I finished 800m from the apartment and slow jogged them home. All this is why there was a shock when I looked at my watch to see the time as just under 1:42. Did I miscalculate my kilometres to miles (My garmin is in km)? That's the kind of time I'd be happy seeing for 15 miles and there it is for over 16. I double checked my maths when I got home and checked what the pace was. Everything was correct in the maths sense. The pace worked out at 6:15 minutes per mile. That's faster than the 2007 marathon pace.... and I didn't feel like I was pushing myself.... Holy fuck!!

What does this tell me. Firstly, that last Sunday's race is well and truly out of my legs and secondly, I've every faith in a taper working out come marathon time. Roll on the longer runs!
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