Monday, March 30, 2009

This time last time: 6 weeks to go

More like "That time last time" this time! I was meant to post something over the weekend, but as I wanted to stay away from the computer yesterday nought got posted.

It still surprises me that I thought I had the perfect run in to the last marathon. When I chatted to people I always said that my training had been ropey leading up to the last 10 weeks, but them 10 weeks were solid. Between taking days off to sun myself at a beach, getting drunk with visitors, getting punched by nightclub bouncers amongst other things, perfect or solid are hardly the words I'd use now. The last hiccup on route to the marathon happened this week. I caught a cold, a good cold from what I remember, a cold that prevented me from training. It was my Tuesday speedwork session that I ended up taking off. I remember clearly how hard a decision it was to take off - was I taking it off because I was sick? because I was sick and the weather was crap? because the weather was crap and I was lazy? Could I do the session sick? Will I get worse? In the end I guiltily took it off and stayed away from the wind and rain. With a race that weekend taking days off is never good for the confidence.

One thing about '6 weeks to go last time' and '6 weeks to go this time' is that on both weeks I had half marathons. The half marathon back then was not a pretty affair. I was still coughing, feeling the affects of the cold, but feeling that bit better than on the Tuesday that I took off. In the end it was one of them days that just didn't work out. You've just got to forget about it and move on. I remember looking at my watch at the 10 mile mark and seeing it saying 61 minutes - 2 minutes slower than my 10 mile PB from a few weeks beforehand. I cruised through that 10 mile race - here I was running slower but also feeling like I had nothing in the tank to go any further. In the end I got around in 1h 21m - meaning the last 3 miles were close to 7 minute pace.

After that race I talked with CR. His reckoning was that I was too tired from training and that I had to put the shoes away for two days. Two days completely off training followed. Then the last 5 weeks began, which if memory serves me right were possibly the perfect weeks run up that I've always remembered having.
Last TimeThis Time
Monday5 mile easy10 mile easy
TuesdaySICK DAY OFF6 mile easy
Wednesday10 mile easy8 mile w/ 6 x 1 minute - long recovery
Thursday6 mile easy6 mile easy
SaturdayHalf marathon - 1h 21mHalf marathon - 1h 17m
SundayOFF4 miles v.easy
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