Thursday, March 19, 2009

This time last time: 7 weeks to go

The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw my old training log was the appearance of the first midweek long run. My current training schedule doesn't have a midweek long run on it yet. I asked CR whether or not I should be adding one into my training, but he thinks that this week is too heavy a week training wise to add a second long run. Two speedwork sessions, plenty of 10 milers, and a long run. There's not really much space in there for a second 15 miles.

Taking another look at the old training log shows that, yes, my training schedule back then was very light compared to this weeks. The Monday and Tuesday were both easy, recovery days after the race at the weekend. Wednesday was the midweek long run, followed by a day off. The Friday was a speedwork session of 8 x 2 minutes. An aside to this - How is that I can remember almost every track session in France and London, yet this session could be one of any number in Dublin?! The Sunday long run, much like this Sunday real time, was my first foray into 18 mile territory for this marathon training schedule. This long run I do remember however. It was tough, I felt like crap for the whole second half, but when I finished I was delighted as I knew that the same tough run 6 months beforehand would have caused me to stop. This was a new stronger running Private. Unfortunately, one of the reasons the run was so tough was because I had the start of a cold coming on which became full blown over the next few days.

I have to say having gone through 4 days of this week already I'm glad CR didn't put a 15 miler into my midweek session. In 2007 I covered around 60 miles in the week, with two long runs in the week. This week I'll probably cover somewhere between 66 and 70 miles, with one long run. There is no possible way I could have thrown in an extra 5 miles onto Wednesday's run. As it stood I was passing out on the couch by 9.30 on Wednesday evening.

7 weeks and 2 races to go now.
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