Saturday, March 14, 2009

This time last time: 8 weeks to go

September 2007
Compared to the week before this week was a pretty tame week. This was the week that I discovered physios can't really do much for a dead leg. They can work around the area but the bruising is left well alone to heal itself. So that's what I ended up having to do. Training wise, 8 weeks to go 2007 was fairly similar to that of 9 weeks to go 2009. The Saturday was a 10 mile race which meant that everything else that week was fairly easy.

Monday - 6 Miles easy
Tuesday - 14 x 1 minute fartlek with 90 seconds recovery
Wednesday - 8 miles easy
Thursday - 6 miles easy
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 10 Mile Race
Sunday - 5 Miles easy

The race on the Saturday was one of my favourite performances up until the last few months. Even still, it's probably the only race I've been involved in a bit of a battle near the front with one person. It was the first race that CR told me to leave my watch at home for and just to go out, not worry about anything and run. Since then I've only worn a watch during one race. My plan for the race was to go out very handy and work into the race. Surprisingly, the chase group decided to go out at my pace. The three leaders built up a decent lead early on, while a group of ten people ticked along behind them. Bit by bit the chase group broke up, until after a while there were just two of us. After about 6 or 7 miles the pace didn't feel like we were pushing it but I'd a sneaking suspicion that the guy I was with was going to kick on soon. And I was right, he injected some pace into it and initially I let him go "shit! I knew it.... hang on, this is a race, I should probably try go with him". As I came back onto his shoulder the pace settled back down for about 30 seconds until he went and picked it up and went ahead, again I came back onto his shoulder. This happened once more. Although the last time I didn't stop on his shoulder. I put the head down and ran, ran bloody hard. I had no idea how far behind he was at any stage so I kept going without looking back. In the end I got in at just over 59 minutes.... my racing buddy for 7 or 8 miles came in 27 seconds behind me. Even if I do say so myself, that wasn't a bad injection of pace on my part back then.

Comparisons between 2007 and 2009 seem very similar. The training at this stage is almost identical but race performances are a hell of a lot different.
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