Monday, March 23, 2009

What's a guy to do?

I was humming and hawing about going out for an easy jog on Saturday. Thank God I didn't as watching that rugby was cross training enough for one day. As far as I'm concerned my heart will be under far less stress running a marathon than having to go through watching something like that again. Absolutely class.

3 x 10 mile run, 2 x interval training, and 1 x 18 mile long run.

Probably the toughest weeks training I've done to date. That's not just during this marathon preparation, I mean EVER. Sunday's long run was done on fairly tired legs so the pace was nowhere near that of last weeks 16 miles, but it was still a solid effort. Early on I thought I was going to struggle over the second half as I found the first half tough going. The second half was equally as tough but no more than the first. With 4 miles to go I had a new lease of life and upped the pace - this probably has something to do with the fact that the 2 previous miles had been into the wind and I'd just turned to having the wind blow across me. By the end of the run I wasn't completely spent and I'd like to think that if a longer run had been prescribed for the week I could've gone on and done it.

To prevent myself from thinking too much about times I didn't have a swatch at the watch after the long run to see what it said. As it was the first 18 miler I've done in the Phoenix Park I needed the watches measuring capabilities with me. Once it reached 18 miles I stopped and reset it. After Dusseldorf I'll be sure to look back with curiosity to see my time for that run and any other one I do the same with, but for the moment all I need to worry about is how it felt rather than the time itself.

With six weeks left to go I can definitely expect at least 2 weeks of training that'll be tougher than that again. Other weeks, such as this week, will be easier as I'll be preparing for a race or recovering from a race.
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