Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Last Race

The final long, long run is in the bag. From here on in it should be all fairly handy. Three weeks out, but I wouldn't really call this a three week taper. 8 x 2 minutes intervals last miles, followed by 14 miles easy this evening means that there's still a fair bit of running to be done in the next couple of weeks. After the 14 miler though there's a taper for this weekends race. By the time recovery from the race is completed it'll be about 10 days to go. In them ten days I'd guess there's another 15 miles, a 13 mile will be stuck on somewhere and if there's time, another 13 miles for good measure.

CR joked about hoping there'd be no storm this weekend. Too fricken right. After Ballycotton and Larne I'm sick to death of this wind lark. To think that the last 10k race, at the start of February, was the last race I ran in perfect conditions and that was run on 3 weeks training sans speedwork, just miles building weeks. The weather may be absolute crap out my window at the minute but come Sunday it'd be a bonus if it just wasn't something I had to think about.
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