Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This time last time: 2 weeks to go

There's a bit of a variation for the first time in a while between what I did last time and what's on the agenda this time round. The reason for the difference between the training for the first two days would be down to the fact that last time I raced on the Saturday before, this time I raced on the Sunday before. Other than that the reason may be because my taper ain't really starting just yet.

Last time both Monday and Tuesday were 8 mile easy runs. On the Tuesday I injected some pace for one minute every mile, while the rest of the run was just your run of the mill handy jog. Wednesday was an easy 10 miler, followed by a drop to 5 miles on the Thursday. Friday's workout mirrored Tuesday's - a one minute pick up every mile. The long run for the week dropped to 14 miles. All in all I think it was a quite unremarkable week that doesn't need much more to be said on it.

Real time 2 weeks to go has had more of a recovery from the 10k race feel to the start of the week than any real taper. From today on it's back to a normal week of training - medium long run today, 10 tomorrow, speedwork Friday, with the long run dropping back from the dizzying heights of 20 miles to a normal 15 miles. This time out having a year of 55 mile weeks behind me compared to the last time when I didn't have near that kind of base in the legs is probably why there's no real taper starting just yet. This week is really just back to normal training for me.
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