Friday, April 17, 2009

This time last time: 3 weeks to go

The schedule the week before a race always looks fairly similar in my training logs: Monday to Wednesday I train as normal. If the race is on a Saturday then Thursday and Friday are very easy. If it's on a Sunday then Thursday will be the same as a normal week, with the Friday very easy and Saturday off.

October 2007, 3 weeks before the Dublin marathon was no different. My schedule then, like this weekend, had my final warm up race, a 5 miler in the Phoenix Park on the Saturday. That week started with an easy 4 miles on the Monday. This was shorter than my standard Monday because my standard Mondays didn't follow a 19 mile Sunday run. Tuesday's workout was also fairly easy - 8 miles with 1 minute bursts at the end of every mile. Wednesday was an 8 miler, then two 4 mile runs on the Thursday and Friday before the race on Saturday.

The race is one I don't really recall too well. Cold and grey is what I remember about it, with a bit of a wind. I wasn't as familiar with the Phoenix Park routes as I am now from running around it day in day out for the past 6 months, so I'm struggling to remember how the route went. For the last couple of miles we definitely went up the S bends coming from the Chapelizod gate. That means that we'd have had to run up the Kyber, but I didn't think there were any hills of note on the route. That just goes to show that if I didn't register that as a hill, and I certainly would now, how hilly the races I used do in France were. I finished the race in 28m 48s either just outside or just inside the top 10. The week was rounded off with an easy 6 miles to recover on the Sunday.

Mileage for that week would have been circa 40 miles.
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