Sunday, April 12, 2009

This time last time: 4 weeks to go

Wahey! I'm finally writing one of these reports on the right week - only just mind, tomorrow is "3 weeks to go". Even better news is that this is only going to take a minute, not because the week was easy, far from it. but simply because it went like clockwork. The 2007 schedule and 2009 schedule have a few things in common. Notably they were both the weeks where I ran my highest mileage ever, the long runs in each week were the longest of the build up to the marathon (I'm assuming that with 2009 - it's a good bet though) and the corresponding workouts were eerily similar.

The various sessions are below and pretty self explanatory. In other words I'm too tired to go into details, my coffees just brewed, there's a DVD in the player ready to watch and I plan on stopping thinking until tomorrow.

Last TimeThis Time
Monday8 mile easy
8 mile easy
Tuesday5 x 3 minutes w / 2min recovery6 x 3 minutes w / 2min recovery
Wednesday13 mile easy14 mile easy
ThursdayOFF10 mile easy
Friday14 x 1 minute w/ 90s recovery
16 x 1 minute w/ 60s recovery
Saturday5 mile easy
Sunday19 miles
20 miles
Total Miles
64 miles
69 miles
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