Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This time last time: 5 weeks to go

Hmmmmm. I still seem to be a week behind on this "that was then.." posting thing. Quite busy with a new site launching for work last week and then my weekend was taken over by taking pictures at races on both Saturday and Sunday. In reality I'm now sitting with 4 weeks to go rather than 5 as the title suggests.

Thankfully 5 weeks to go in 2007 seems to be a fairly standard training affair, so this shouldn't take long. No missed sessions because of being drunk, beaten up or sick; Everything went according to plan. All quite mundane to be honest! Continuing on from last week I had the Monday scheduled off because of a tired performance in the half marathon. CR's decision was 2 days completely off, start back as normal on the Tuesday. My two speedwork sessions that week were very similar. Tuesday 14 x 1 minute with 90s jog recovery and Friday 16 x 1 minute with 90s jog recovery. Throw in a 13 mile easy paced long run on Wednesday, another 10 miles on Thursday and my longest run in the build up to the marathon of 19 miles, and you have my week. The long run that week and the 16 x 1 minute were the real confidence boosting sessions. I'd never gone above 14 x 1 minute in a fartlek session, so 16 was a new milestone. I'm yet to go above 16 - some day it'll be 20. That's the goal.

Likewise last week, in Private's real world, I had a real confidence boosting session on Sunday morning. 18 miles around the park, early in the morning and I finished with a spring in my step. The last mile I even managed to pick the pace up somewhat. I wouldn't call the pace fast or marathon paced at the end, it was simply a strong, controlled effort. This week sees me bumping that up to 20 miles. Don't know if I'll be posting this time next week saying how great I felt at the end of it!

Last TimeThis Time
6 mile easy
Tuesday14 x 1 minute w/ 90s recovery
6 mile easy
Wednesday13 mile easy10 mile easy
Thursday10 mile easy10 mile easy
Friday16 x 1 minute w/ 90s recovery
16 x 1 minute w/ 60s recovery
Sunday19 miles
18 miles
Total Miles
61 miles
59 miles
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