Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today is a day for someone else

This morning the odd thirty six thousand or so people decided to take on the London marathon - yes, it's definitely that time of year - Boston last weekend, Hamburg, London, Madrid all today, and then there's me next week.

I said I wouldn't spy on the runners I knew racing but then that's where all the fun is. Who cares if people are out trying to break world records? the joy is pressing F5 over and over again to see if the next split of someone you know has been recorded.

As my old club is all about marathons there were a couple of hundred of them running, many of who I knew and many, many more I didn't. Then there was theRoadRunner, who I'd been on a few training runs with, who was running as well. No one had finished (except the winners) by the time I ventured out on my long run. TheRoadRunner, who'd been hitting consistent 5ks in 20 minutes just recorded his first 19 minute 5k after around 30km. With everyone doing so well I went out, took on my own 15 miler in good spirits.

When I came back I had a message from RR telling me that he had kicked on after 20 miles and was flying past people at 6 minute pace for the last 6 miles - coming in in 2:47. A great run and by my reckoning he'd have passed almost 50 people in them last 6 miles. While RR posted a stunning negative split the wheels were coming off for my ex-club mates, all posting positive splits. All of them ran highly respectable times but I feel that if you hit half way in 1:15 then your target must be the 2:30 mark, so if there's going to be a twinge of regret if you hit a 1:20 second half. The 4 lads in the club that I knew from training ran 1:15/1:20, 1:18/1:26, 1:16/1:30 and 1:20/1:26. There's definitely a lesson to be learned there in pacing judgement.

One thing is for certain after today... I'm starting to get excited...
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