Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coming soon to a bar in Dusseldorf...


I'll keep this short and sweet. Full update to come when I'm back home. I finished in 2:42, a four minute PB. Overall I'm delighted with how the race went. I may have kicked for home too early and saw a 2:40/41 disappear but I went with what I felt was right at the time. If I'd kicked later I may well have finished fresher but in the same time! The half splits are 1:21/1:21 I think - there was no clock at half way so I haven't seen that split yet.

The one thing that went against me was sleep. I just couldn't get to sleep in the hotel room. 6 hours on Friday night and 4 last night, even though I was knackered both nights, wasn't the best preparation. In the end last night, at 2am, I stripped the duvet and tried sleeping with just the sheets. That didn't work. I went for the duvet sans sheets and immediately knew I would sleep then... and I did, fairly lively.

Enough of that gloom part - I've already had 3 pints and a burger and chips and there shall be many, many more in the coming hours.
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