Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The curse of the marathon strikes again

Last week I was delighted - not just with the marathon time but with the fact that my legs got through the marathon with no ill effects. After 4 days they were getting back to normal and I was convinced I'd be back to my usual training routine within 2 weeks. Happy days... then my curse took over, or stupidity.

Marathon 1:
Injury - Pulled groin
Cause - It happened during the marathon. I probably took the problem into the marathon but I was a complete running novice so didn't know any better - how to stretch properly, etc
Duration - A few weeks of no running took place afterwards.

Marathon 2:
Injury - technical term is banjaxed my ankle ligaments
Cause - Again being a running novice and not knowing when to stop. Eventually my ligaments gave up on me on a warm up run and I couldn't run more than 2 steps.
Duration - I had a nice limp for a few months. All in all it was 5 months before I was running again.

Marathon 3:
Injury - I strained the posterior knee ligaments
Cause - The injury happened during a game of football for the local pub team. I was in goal, made a save (a great save I must add) and my knee seemed not to go the same direction as my body. The initial cause of this was probably from diving around a bar on a drunken night out - don't ask!
Duration - I had a full leg brace for about 2 weeks and it was about a month or two before I was running consistently again

Marathon 4:
Injury - Quad strain
Cause - My quad remained very weak for about 2 years after the last injury. It used to just give up at times, and did so during the marathon.
Duration - Not too long. I just had to start into a strengthening program

Marathon 5:
Injury - Strained Glut
Cause - The marathon itself
Duration - This didn't really keep me off running for too long, no longer than the after marathon rest. It did, however, take about 3 months before I could comfortably cover a run of any distance without feeling a twinge

Marathon 6:
Injury - Fractured rib
Cause - Being a prat
Duration - Not too sure really. I've found out that taking pain killers slows the recovery time. Diagnosing by google, it's going to put doctors out of business soon! Pain killers prevent the body from absorbing Vitamin D efficiently which is needed to absorb calcium. Hopefully by not taking them and dealing with a bit of extra pain gets me back running normally sooner.

I'm not going to dwell on this. I try to stay clear from injury talk as much as possible - there's generally always a twinge here or a twinge there with everyone. You can't put your body through this much running without a few niggles. My physio deals with that talk, no need to put everyone else through it as well!
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