Monday, May 25, 2009

Pubs and running don't mix

Running marathons is far easier than training runs like yesterday afternoon...

After getting a little carried away with celebrating Leinster's Heineken Cup victory on Saturday, my head and stomach were in tatters when I woke up. I'd remembered tip toeing around the apartment when I got in so as not to wake my brother and his girlfriend. Talking to him the next morning it turns out I wasn't that quiet. Evidently while I may have trying to stay quiet walking around I was singing along to my mp3 player at the top of my voice!

Once I got some food on board (something that was neglected from my pub diet on Saturday), took some pain killers for my head, and vegged in front of the TV for a while, I embarked on the run. As I was a bit ropey I set no target when heading out besides "try to run". No watch, no target, no route planned, just pure running freedom. It was by far and away the nicest day of the year so far which meant the park was jammed with people sun bathing, bbq-ing, playing football, frisbee, and flying kites. Besides my head and stomach being as they were it was the best day for running ever. A great vibe in the air and with no goal in mind I was able to run where I pleased. No pace worries meant I could just enjoy every minute of it (well apart from the first few miles which were just awful!). The pain killers didn't do too much for the stomach but targeted the headache and rib quite well. For the first time in weeks there was no rib pain when running around - I was aware of it the whole time but the feeling of running every step with a stitch like pain was no where to be found - thank you pain killers. Granted I've no plans of taking them again but it's good to know that if I need to do some speed sessions in the coming weeks they may help somewhat.

Next week is holiday time - there won't be a step of running in that week. Ideally by the time I get back I'll be almost fully healed and ready to go. It'll have been over 4 weeks by that stage and from what I've been told it should take 4-6 weeks for the bone to mend if you don't do anything stupid like... I don't know, run?
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