Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two steps forward, one step backwards

Today, for the first time since the marathon, I felt like a runner again. OK, apart from the pain coming from my ribs that is. But the rib pain disappeared back to where it came within an hour of finishing. My legs felt refreshed which is the main thing.

At the moment to prevent my legs from forgetting how to run I'm pretty much going out every second or third day for a few easy miles on the grass. The days inbetween are complete rest days - no cross training, nothing. Running on the road is a no go with the rib. I tried it on Sunday and I wasn't thanked for trying it. The grass is throwing up its own problems mind. It just hasn't stopped raining which has made running on grass/mud a tough slog. A tough slog was not on my apres marathon agenda.

The rib. It's been two weeks now since the stumble. Early last week was quite painful and I had to will myself away from the pain killers. Most movements were quite sore then, while once I sat still I was grand. Now I only really feel it if I move suddenly, unfortunately when I run (but this is a dull pain, rather than the sharp pain I get on a sudden move), and getting into and out of bed. Running probably isn't the smartest thing to be doing with it. If it was a fractured foot I'd obviously stay off it completely, but it's a rib... who uses a rib for running? It's non-weight bearing! The way I'm looking at it is that I'm probably slowing full recovery down doing this but I'm not going backwards. The real pain of last week is no longer there, it's obviously getting better, so I'm not doing any real damage. If at any stage I feel things are getting worse I will obviously stop immediately. Hell, on Monday I stopped my run after 20 minutes because I wasn't feeling comfortable - legs or rib - and didn't run until today (Thursday). I do listen to my body... sometimes!
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