Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How did I get by before?

Reading books about running has never been high on my agenda. Running for at least an hour a day is enough for me without running creeping into my running free hobbies. To date I've read one book about running - What I talk about when I talk about running - which meant that last week's impulse purchase of not one, but two running related books still has me slightly shocked. The book depository, by the way, has free delivery on books worldwide! I don't think I'd ever have found such random running books in my local Waterstones. Both books arrived to my door in less than a week - Result!

These new running books have also got to know their place. Under no circumstances will they get the chance to replace my normal book reading. I'm almost 500 pages through David Simon's beast of a book "The Corner", so I can't let anything slow that progress down! Running books can be read at times when I wouldn't normally read and have time to kill... like yesterday, on my two buses to training. Tonight, it was on the two buses to Santry to watch some racing and on Saturday it'll be on the two buses to get to my race. All of a sudden everything seems to be two buses away, yet none of the destinations are more than five miles from my door. The investment of a motor of some kind is going to be needed very shortly.

Now I've started into "Eating for Endurance" and I'm quite puzzled how I managed to function before. Damn that food pyramid - I'm almost certain that I'm not eating enough of any of the levels besides my trusty carbohydrate layer at the bottom - bread and grain I'm well up on - dairy, fruit and meat all seem to be a bit light. That's what I figured out after chapter one. There's about 9 more chapters - if every one makes me think about restructuring my diet it could be a very different Private around these parts in a few weeks.
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