Sunday, June 21, 2009

Race Report # 24: It's gotta get bad before it gets good

Photo by Danial Kowalczyk

“That was a negative, and right now I need two positives. One to cancel out the negative and another one, you know, just so I can have a positive.”

Miserable and unexpected. That's how last nights race went. On a day when I hoped to hit a big PB, the last thing I'd have thought is that I'd run slower than I'd ever run for 3000m, and by a long way at that.

During the warm up I felt grand, showing no signs of what was about to unfold. The plan of 75 second laps would be tough, but I was confident I could do them. As we lined up all was still good, right until the gun went. Everyone shot off at a ridiculous pace. I tucked in at the back and got dragged through the first 200m, labouring a bit and then I saw the clock. Woah, 34 seconds... slow down, slow down now!! I went through 400m in 72/73, still slightly faster than I'd hoped. Everyone else on the otherhand went through in 66-68s. Good God, I'd run faster in the first lap than any race last year and I was already about 5 seconds behind second last. My thought process was that the pace was so fast that some people would have to come back to me. At 800m I was bang on target pace but even further behind. The realisation that no one was coming back hit and I lost the mental battle. Everything went further downhill from there.

In the end, even if I'd have hit my race target I'd still have ended up last by a good 5 seconds. Instead I was last by 200m. If I'd run the same time as last year I'd have a bit annoyed and probably looked at any number of excuses. But this? No reason I can think of can excuse this. The main plus I'm taking out of it is that I won't run slower than that again this year.
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