Saturday, June 13, 2009

One for me

Week one of the first full week back training since the marathon is just about done. Last night I hit the track for a few 400s. With no watch, since I threw it away after 5km in the marathon, I went totally by feel. The aim was to get 10 done with the recovery set as "whenever I feel ready to go again". As I was a bit rusty on the track I'd have to imagine that the times were fairly scatter gun. The first one went off a bit fast, I could feel it at 100m. Then when I tried to readjust and go a bit slower it felt like I was going waaaaay to slow, even though it was probably about right but just seemed slow because I started fast... god dammit, I hate working out pacing!

The 400s were probably slower than what I was running last summer on the track, the recovery could well have been longer, although for the most part the recovery didn't seem that long, but the bonus of the session was the fact that I went past 10 reps. It may only have been by one, but considering last summer I was doing 400s on the track for a good 4 months and never got past 10 I'm taking my one. I could probably have done another one or two but the aim of the session was to feel comfortable with the track rather than killing myself (I did that on Tuesday). One week to my first track race of the season and that one little, extra 400m has given me that bit of extra confidence that I'm that bit stronger than this time last year. Granted confidence changes from one training sesssion to the next, so chances are it could taking a shoeing in the race or the first time I start timing the 400s and recoveries the week after. For the moment though I'm heading into tomorrows 15 miler in high spirits!
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