Thursday, June 25, 2009

Upcoming Races

Over the last few days I haven't been certain as to when I'd race again. I wasn't thinking of a prolonged absence, far from it, I kind of thought it may be best to give it a few weeks before throwing myself into the mix again - grab a few good training sessions, get the confidence back and then race. From the 1st July to the 5th August there's five 3000m races out there that I could enter. Realistically I'm only going to jump into four of them, but which four I've no idea. Last night I was out at the IMC races in Irishtown taking a few photos. The weather, crowds, ambiance and the speeds everyone raced at reignited the flame - I'm fairly sure I'll jump straight back on the horse and race next Wednesday. I have to run it by CR first but I can't see him having an issue with it. The other thing I have to see is how my hamstring feels after some fast 400s on the track tomorrow - it's been a tad tight for the last few days.

Upcoming Races
1st July - Dublin Graded Meet 3000m
9th July - Club 3000m Champs
15th July - Dublin Graded Meet 3000m
25th July - IMC 3000m
5th Aug - Dublin Graded Meet 3000m
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