Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Comeback #2

After last week's race made it two in a row that didn't go to plan CR decided there were two choices: push it harder in training or take a few days off. A few days off was the chosen option, which meant I got to head to Killarney with my mates sans running gear. Unbelievable how light you can travel when you don't need runners, shorts, vests or extra socks to come with you. I debated whether or not to drink but the sober approach got hit on the head the minute we walked into the first bar - I moved the goal posts to "no drinking during the day" after that. The mates all took on the Ring of Kerry cycling lark on Saturday while I sat around reading books and drinking coffee before practicing some photography - I like to think I'm getting less shite at it. When they got back we engaged in eating, drinking and dancing.

Come Monday and my latest comeback started with an easy 7 mile jog around the Phoenix Park. My right calf was a bit tight after all the dancing on Saturday night. Typical, I rest up on the running but manage to tire myself out dancing. Tuesday's hard effort was exactly that. I jumped in on a session with a lad who's starting his Berlin marathon training and was doing tempo run around a 2km circuit - approximately 14km. Now I wasn't doing that, no chance, that'd have me in a body bag. I jumped in on a little over a kilometre of each lap and then cut across to the beginning where I'd meet him for the start of his next lap. After the third one it was decided that I was getting too long a recovery so I had to run a bit further and join up before the starting point - this time I got shag all recovery and started to feel it on the forth. All in all I did 6 reps with him which was more than enough for this guy at the moment.

The rest of the week involves a few days of easy running, a track session (10 x 400m faster than I've run this year) and the long run. Fingers crossed that if all things go to plan I'll be buzzing come next Wednesday's 3000m.
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