Thursday, July 2, 2009

Race Report #25: How the hell am I going backwards?!

It was a perfect evening for racing in Irishtown yesterday, not too warm with a slight breeze. I arrived early enough to the track so I got to flake out on the grass and watch some of the earlier races before heading off on my warm up. I have to say on the warm up I felt very good - relaxed with a bit of zip in the legs. With 10 minutes to kick off I changed into my spikes, did a few strides before going back to my flaked out position on the grass.

The race itself went out just as I hoped. I tucked in right behind the leader within the first 50 metres. During the opening laps I felt so comfortable, it didn't feel like I was racing - 75 seconds for the first two laps - just what I wanted to see. Even on the third lap it felt easy, my breathing was a little laboured but I could sense that while the leader was still running strong the guy on my shoulder was struggling.

Unfortunately it turned out that it was a race of two halves. The second saw the wheels come off completely - while I knew I was struggling out there I didn't realise how badly until I heard my time at the end. I came off the track tired but happy that I was at least moving in the right direction. Then on my warm down I heard my time - 2 seconds slower than 10 days ago. How did that happen? I was convinced it was faster. I ended up 30 seconds off the winner and considering I was right behind him for the first half it really sums up how badly the second half went. He didn't run any faster at the end, he was just able to hold the pace better than I could.

Surprisingly I'm taking more positives out of this than the last time. Next time out I know I'll hold that pace for a lap or two longer and hopefully when it really starts to hurt I can go with it. If not I will the time after that. There's only a few of these track races left and one things for certain, I'm going to get a PB from at least one of them.
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