Friday, July 10, 2009

Where's my mojo?

I'm not enjoying my running these days. There, I've said it. It's pissing me off. Easy runs no longer feel easy. Gone are the days of spring when I'd stroll back into the apartment after a run looking like I hadn't even stepped out the door. Instead I'm now coming in dripping sweat and heavy legged regardless of if I've run four miles or fifteen. How I wish that feeling in the weeks leading up to the marathon was back, the feeling that I was simply gliding along. Add in the two slowest 3000m races I've ever raced and you can sort of see why it's bugging me.

Maybe summer, or July specifically, isn't for me. Last year in July I ran 36:40 for a 10k race in London, over a minute slower than I raced in the spring. That race was the deciding factor in not running the Dublin marathon. Less than 6 weeks later I ran a 1 minute 20 seconds 10k PB of 34:20. Likewise the summer before that, also in July, I ran 40:20 for 10km before racing a 6.6 km race in 22:10 (5:24 minute mile pace), about 7 weeks later. The way I've to look at this now is that even if it's all going shit at the minute history tells me that it can all turn around very quickly.

Saying all that, I did have a great session today. But as they say one swallow doesn't make a summer. When chatting with CR after Tuesday's workout he told me that I'd run today's 400s less than 70s a rep. The workout was a 3 mile warm up, followed by 10 x 400m, and a 2 mile warm down. What I learnt is that CR knows my body better than me! Two weeks back I only managed 9 reps. I trudged off the track after the times had stretched from 72s to 74s and I knew that the next one would be over 75 seconds. Then I had no idea how I was running 67 seconds for these sessions last year. Where was I getting 5 seconds a lap from? This time, as CR said, I hit the first one in 69 seconds, BANG the second in 68, BANG another 69. The recovery was long between each one, circa 75 seconds and got longer as the workout went on, with the last one getting a 90 seconds rest. Bit by bit the speed is coming back into my legs. Now just to transfer it to a race.
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