Thursday, July 30, 2009

Will you carry me when my legs are gone?

I swear I saw some tumbleweed blow by as I ventured in here today...

The roller coaster that has been my training over the past few weeks seems to have come to an end. What's this then "the return of the comeback part ten"?! Work, life and just the simple fact that I wasn't enjoying my running kept me away from wanting to talk about running. Hell, I was even ducking and diving to avoid CR so I wouldn't have to talk about my training. I still got out there most days and got a bit done, although as I mentioned before, no day felt easy, everything was a slog and it just started to wear me down.

The last ten days or so have seen me back to my old self again. I'm beginning to feel like a runner again. Easy runs have been easy, I cruised through last Sunday's long run at a decent clip, and Tuesday's workout of 8 x 1km felt so easy for the first six that I managed to hit the last two at around 5:06 min/mile pace. One last track race remains before I make my first venture onto the road since the marathon at the start of May. The track races may not have been going to plan this far but all the work over the last few months has been banked and will be withdrawn at future races.
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