Friday, August 7, 2009

Race Report #27 - Done, Dusted, Next....

I can happily say track racing is behind me for another year. Maybe the next time I take a stab at it I'll do more than five training sessions on the track! I had a quick swatch at my training log today and spotted that including the four races I've only set foot on a track nine times this year. That's not really the ideal prepartation when hoping to belt out fast times.

The plan for the final 3,000m was quite simple: start off relatively comfortable for a lap, push on in the second, push on again in the third and try stick with it for the final four. Piece of piss!

The first 3 laps went perfectly to plan - 74 seconds, 75 seconds, 75 seconds. I stuck in close behind another runner and didn't let him get away. As far as I was concerned he was doing a good clip so who was I to do anything stupid like try to go faster? Lap 4 - 81 seconds! Where the hell did that come from? I didn't notice the pace slow down but it had. I moved onto the shoulder of the guy in front to try get him moving again, and then sat back in for another few hundred metres. Next lap - 81 again. Son of a... I got over taken here and I tried to go with this guy but I couldn't inject anything else into it. I left the lad who had led our group for the opening four or five laps and started a battle against myself. Once these 81 second laps started that was it for me. I kind of think that if the forth lap had stayed at 75 seconds I would have pushed that out, but once it dropped to 81 I didn't have it in the legs to up the pace again. Does that make sense?! With 400m to go I saw that I needed a 75 second lap to at least run a PB. There was a fair whack of encouragement coming from the sidelines so I dug deep and... 77 seconds - Dammit!

Them four track races aren't something I plan on dwelling on. I've a few races pencilled in on the road before the cross country starts again. So what's the plan after racing less than 2 miles on a track for the last few months? The obvious answer is to race ten miles on the road!
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