Thursday, September 10, 2009

Race You

Heading around the Phoenix Park this evening for an easy 5 miles my legs certainly didn't feel like they had a zip about them. The absolute pounding they took at the hands of the magician probably had something to do with that! In the days before the Ballycotton 10 in March I didn't feel that sharp and and before this race last year I felt awful during the warm up, only to run a massive PB when the gun went off. So I'm not going to worry about heavy legs two days before a race.

I still don't feel I've had a good race since Ballycotton as every race result since that shows. I want to change that come this Saturday afternoon.

Half Marathon
PB: 1h21m
McMillan Says: 1h15m
I race: 1h17m

PB: 34m25s
McMillan Says: 33m55s
I race: 35m00s

PB: 2h46m
McMillan Says: 2h39m
I race: 2h42m

PB: 9m45s
McMillan Says: 9m21s
I race: 9m46s

10 Mile
PB: 56m50s
McMillan Says: 56m50s
I race: 58m30s

To stop this trend of late I've busted a gut for the past few weeks to get into a position where I feel like I'm in decent shape. The last four weeks have consisted of one week to ease into everything, two weeks of hard training, and now this week, the taper. I can't think of the last time where I've had 4 weeks of concentrated training all aimed at one race. If this all works out it may just be a plan I'll copy going into future races.
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