Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tempo That

How do you find out your race execution from the last race was your downfall? Run a tempo run with a relaxed start and end up running faster splits than the race.

That is essentially what happened last night on a slow grass lap that I train on. Inside the first few kilometres I had a brief chat with one of the lads before focusing properly on the task at hand. After two or three laps I started to calculate the times we were doing per lap and worked out that at that pace we'd pretty much cover 10k in or around my last race time. A few minutes later I was warned to make sure I wasn't pushing it too much as I'd be close to race pace - I told them I'd just worked that out and decided I'd jump ship at 30 minutes. In the end I went slightly over 30 minutes before calling it quits. I was quite tired at that stage and didn't want to unnecessarily push myself and leave everything out there in training. The lads finished up their 10k(ish) steady run in 34.46, one second slower than I raced two weeks back!

My 30 or so minutes felt a hell of a lot easier than the first 30 minutes in Firhouse and I probably covered close to the same distance. There was no way in hell I'd have been able to start a chat with someone in the first 2k of the last race. I've been saying for the last while that training has been going well but my racing has been letting me down. This workout has reinforced that no end. It was pointed out to me afterwards that in a race you more often than not are running at someone elses pace rather than your own. Hopefully the next race will have someone racing at my pace for me to run with!
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