Thursday, October 29, 2009

Race Report #31: Ankle Deep Cow Dung

Control. Steady. Work into it. Control. Steady. Work into it.
"It'll just be the gun to signal the start men"
My reaction times are shit. I'm way back already and boxed in.
They're only a few seconds ahead. Remember 10 seconds is nothing. Control.
Nice relaxed running.
Don't get carried away.

"3 laps to go"
Start to move, start to move
Relax. Steady.

"That's it. Moving through the field, keep going. Move up"

CRs words echoing in my ears 'Everyone hurts on the third lap'
I'm not hurting.
I'm definitely working.
I'm not hurting though

Passing people left and right.
Controlled against the wind, working up the hills, hard on the straights.

"Last lap"
Another place gained.
WTF. I beat that guy in a sprint finish in the last race.
I was dying then.
How the hell was he infront of me there?
How far back did I start in this race?

C'mon. There's another place here up for grabs. Dig in.

I'm not going to get him.
Don't lose any places.
Strong to the finish

Last 100m
"That's it Gavin. You have him. Keep it going Gavin"
Fuuuuuuuckk. I'm not Gavin. Better bloody get moving.
"C'mon Stephen. Every place counts"
How many ****ing people are behind me.
Dig in. Run. Fast. Bloody Move.
I'm moving, I'm bloody moving.
If anyone passes me now they deserve it.

There's the line.
Don't slow down.
Run through that line.
Don't slow.

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