Monday, November 23, 2009

Please Stay Off The Grass

"The next time you're to step foot on grass is at the race on Sunday"

I didn't have to be told this twice. 24 hours before hearing those words, while arranging my Sunday long run, I had included in a text that I'd rather steer clear of the grass and do the whole run on roads. The recent weather has made the grass fairly heavy these days and after two savage sessions this week my legs were feeling the affects on Saturday afternoon. On Tuesday I hit a tempo run - splashing and sliding around a flat(ish) route - and then Friday was the now regular hill session in the Phoenix Park.

Following the tempo run I could feel it in my legs the next day, but that paled in comparison to how I felt on Saturday after the hills. These are the exact hills that left me beat up after going over them a few times in the first cross country race of the year. A lap that Eamonn Coughlan recently described as a lap that lets the runner know what it's like to hurt in the gut. Now I'm running up and down them about 10 times a week. Finishing up as I changed back into my flats for a jog around the park the realisation hit me that as I'd be racing the following week it'd mean no hills for two weeks. Instant spring in my step. Hell, I'm racing back to back races over the next two weeks, and then the week after I'm off on holiday. I mightn't see this training session until Christmas... or the New Year! I swear, I could have skipped the whole way home.
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