Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I don't get me

Is my feeling of hatred towards cross country known? After last Sunday's exploits I swore that there was no way I was racing this week. I was cold, wet and miserable. All because of a poxy race. After I got home and cleaned myself up I still couldn't feel my toes. Hours passed and they were still numb. What if I have to run through ice water next weekend? Would my poor toes be able to deal with it?

Since then I'd started to come to terms with the fact that I only had one more Cross Country race left this year. Before October I'd only ever taken part in five cross country races, two last year and three the year I was in London. If I raced on Sunday it'd be five cross country races in eight weeks. But only four more for the season - spread over four months. One a month? That's going to be a cake walk.

Today I got a text from the club coach telling me that we weren't entering a team this weekend. No race. Result. Only three races left. Happy dance. I've got my weekend back. I can go out drinking on Saturday. No mud. No hills. Just road. Yes. I can go out drinking on Friday as well.

As I was sitting over my coffee at lunch I did something I still don't understand. I took out my phone and hit reply...

Is it possible for me to enter as an individual?

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