Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Race Report #33: Four Down - One To Go

Race courses that for large parts are underwater are not in any way designed for those of us with a six-foot-five frame. We've a hell of a lot of leg to pull out of the mud on every step. Then you have to take into account the lack of control we have over our lower extremities when going down hill at speed. All we can do is close our eyes and pray that gravity treats us kindly enough so that we don't end up on our ass. Them two issues aside, it's a level playing field!

One of my pet peeves is a race starting earlier than advertised. I know the weather was gash and everyone wanted to be finished but if a race is scheduled to start at 1:30 then the call to start in two minutes should not be called at 1:23. All this meant was that there was no time for strides once I'd my spikes on. In fairness though the minute standing around in the freezing wind in my singlet was one minute too long. Maybe starting them few minutes early wasn't that bad after all...

The race itself comprised of four 2km laps. I knew full well that a course as heavy as what we faced would leave me in a body bag if I started too quick so the plan was a relaxed first lap. Then to push the pace each subsequent lap.

Lap one: Mission accomplished. My breathing is comfortable. Now to start passing people.

Lap two: Bit by bit I work my way from the high twenties to the mid teens while still remaining in control of my breathing.

Lap three: This is where I was to work. The slog that was the course made it tough and I wasn't making in roads on anyone fast. Towards the end of the lap I pass one guy. Those ahead look slow but clearly I'm going equally as slow as I'm not making up any further ground. Damn you mud!

Lap four: Start of the lap and two people pass me. I dig in and stay with them, not giving an inch. Half way through the lap and the last guy I went by on lap three creeps ahead. Bollix. I make sure to stay with the group and work off it. With about 400 to go they open a slight lead and I know there's no catching them. I hear splashing behind me. I've no idea how far behind. I up the pace. A shout from a club mate let's me know my place is safe with about 100m to go which leads me to do something that you never get to do in a race... jog home!

All in all I'm content with the run. I got exactly what I wanted out of the race. It was solid from start through to the finish and there's wasn't much left in my legs come the end. Aerobically I was fine but physically drained. Obviously I'd have liked to finish further up the field but that's racing for you. One more race left this year...
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