Monday, January 4, 2010

Caught Short

I'd have to imagine that there were a few odd glances from people in cars and at bus stops in my general direction circa 7am this morning. Not just because of the fact that I was attempting to jog on an icey surface that wasn't in the least bit suitable for walking on, let alone run on, but more the getup I was wearing while making this attempt.

Last night, at a very casual Sunday dinner at my parents, some eejit decided to open the flavoured vodka that came back from Poland (I may be that said eejit). Bit by bit the 6 small bottles disappeared and with them the thoughts of getting a bus home... especially considering there would need to be 2 buses and a walk to get home. The obvious solution was to just spend the night where I was. The main draw back with this was the fact that the stuff I needed for work the next morning was sitting chez moi. Two buses plus walk in the morning to grab a few things, before turning around and get another bus to work was not appealing in the slightest. The only solution...

"Aren't there an old pair of runners belonging to me around here somewhere?"

Luck was with me. There was a pair of Brooks Beasts, worn about 3 times before I decided they were far too heavy to train in, in one of the wardrobes upstairs. Problem solved. Door to door I know had 4 miles to cover. A 30 minute jog, shower, eat, pick up work stuff, jump on a bus and I'd be in the office before 9.30am. The perfect crime. One problem remained... The only running gear I had now was a pair of runners. No shorts. No socks. No Top.

What I managed to dig out of the wardrobe before I hit my bed at 1am. A Man Utd jersey from around 1993 that I last wore when I was about 13 or 14. It was going to be a tight squeeze, but no tighter than getting into them Under Armour tops! This jersey set off the beautiful blue, white and navy, flowery board shorts nicely...
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