Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forth Time Lucky

After 14 days of 2009 I had run 50 miles less than the corresponding first 14 days of 2010. I was however preparing for my second race of the year that weekend, unlike this year where I'm hoping to get my first race of the year in. The road conditions have brought the races around the country to a standstill for the past few weeks - even cross country races. First to bite the dust was the New Years 5k race. I then turned my attention to the Leinster Senior Cross Country which likewise got cancelled with about 5 days notice. The BHAA had a cross country race that same weekend, that they said would "definitely" go ahead. It was then cancelled with 2 days notice because the car parks were out of action. All this forewarning has been great though because it's meant that I haven't really got into winding down mode before a race and have always been able to jump back into my usual training schedule.

I'm hoping there are no similarities to this weekends cross country and the one on the same weekend last year. Last year's race was by far and away the worst cross country outing of my short XC career. The team won a medal that day but somehow I contrived to be the sixth home and a non-scoring team member, leaving this guy medal less. My medal haul to date still stands at zero. There's no medals on offer this weekend so what I'll be after instead is a good, solid race performance. The training's been going well, now its just a matter of bringing all that work and all the miles out in a race.
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