Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I heard a woman say "stay down Champion, stay down"

As I picked myself up off the ground I shuffled towards a bench a few metres away. Only half the bench was covered in ice. Clearly I wasn't the first of the day.

I'm absolutely baffled that the footpaths haven't being gritted at all. I'd love to know how many claims will be made from people breaking bones walking on the footpaths in the coming weeks. The Phoenix Park has essentially just been shut and now resembles nothing more than the largest ice rink in Europe. They're struggling to deal with keeping the roads up to scratch so asking for footpaths to be maintained seems to be out of the realms of possibility. A week ago the excuses of "We've never had to deal with conditions like this before/More grit has been used in the last month than all of last year/etc" were somewhat acceptable. Now, over a week has gone by, local councils have to start dealing with it.

For last nights training I managed to find a kilometre stretch close to my place that had no ice at all on it. Clearly it had seen yesterday's sun. A two minute interval session commenced up and back, up and back, along this stretch. I'm not too sure how tonights training will go. I can't really jog up and back that same footpath 16 times can I?! There's also no sun today. I think it may be time to take as many one day trials in the local gyms as possible.
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