Sunday, May 30, 2010

Private on Jogging

A lot of lesson's have been learnt in the past few months. One of the first things I was told after I pulled out of racing Ballycotton was to get back to my old self and once I feel like I'm zipping around on a Tuesday workout to pick a race for the following weekend. Sounds simple, but I ignored it. Knowing that I was more than likely going to be unable to race for the first few weeks in May I got anxious and jumped into a race towards the end of April, before my times and effort in workouts were what I'd have hoped for. Result? I was bunched by 3km in a 10km, jogging by 4km,and spent the last 6km going between race pace and jogging like a bad fartlek session, all cumulating in the slowest 10km I've raced in 2 years.

Mistake number two. Picking up a throat infection and training through it. This sounds like something that I've done many, many times and normally wouldn't think twice about. According to CR I was more than likely run down and the throat infection was just another way of my body letting me know. Coming to the end of the throat infection I did something spectacularly stupid... 4 days of tough training, with very little rest (late nights and early mornings) which resulted in day 5 - Stopping 10 minutes into an easy run and walking home.

I didn't need to talk to CR after that clear as day warning from my body telling me to rest. One week off. 7 days of no running, not even a light jog. On CR's instructions I started back with jogging, and lots of jogging at that. Under no circumstance was I allowed to do anything remotely fast until I got to a stage where running felt comfortable and effortless again. Week one involved no distance above 5 miles and I was allowed to take off any days I liked. In the end I ran 6 days, and I can honestly say that on the first five days there was no way I could have ran further than 5 miles. Then following a day off everything just clicked. I can't explain what happened. One day I was freaked at not being able to run 5 miles without being knackered and dripping sweat, the next I felt like I could run all day. The week just gone I had to do 8 miles Monday through Friday with 10 x 1 minute thrown in on Friday's session and a long run on Sunday. It all went by with zero complications and now, starting tomorrow, I get to start back into my normal training routine.

For the next few weeks I plan on being patient and waiting for the zip to return. When it does I'll race, until then I'll just enjoy being out there.