Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friends Reunited

Well hello old friend, it's been a while.
Really, that long? So we've never met during the hours of daylight before then?
You still look as I remember anyway, towering over everyone and everything.
I remember the dark, windy nights of winter when there wouldn't be a sinner about during our encounters. Look now, cars stopped in traffic as far as the eye can see.
Remember the nights of the snow? Few cars even thought to come by. There was even the car abandoned at the side of the road that didn't realise the challenge that lay ahead when it started out.
Day after day we met, exchanged pleasantries and on I went on my merry way. Good times.
But today, I'm puffing, I'm crawling, I'm ... Stopping?!
Ok, I'll be off then. You've won this round friend, but fear not I'll return and I will overcome...