Monday, September 27, 2010

Slow down please...

Sunday was meant to be a long slow run. That was never going to be difficult after hitting an early morning Saturday session of kilometres on the wet grass and then a Saturday evening session that comprised of Guinness, red wine, beer and cognac. To make matters worse I had to drag myself out of bed bright and early to take photos at a race *grumble grumble* After spending an extortionate about of money on a new camera on Saturday I couldn't not go out because I was tired / hungover.

Following much hydrating and way later than I planned I went out for my jog. The route I was taking was from my parent's house, a tried and trusted route out and back along the marathon course, a route that I know like the back of my hand. For my usual loops around the Phoenix Park I know the cumulative distance but I wouldn't know at any stage how far I'd gone. Sunday's was different. I knew every mile marker to a few metres. Not a good thing when you're legs are tired, you're bored and all you want to do is go home and go to sleep. "That's two miles done, just another 13 to go..."

The longer the run went on the sooner I wanted to get home. With 5 miles to go there was no short cut home, if there had a been I'd have taken it and gone home, so I did the only thing I could think of... started to run fast. An absolute no, no on a recovery long run. I knew it was stupid but I wanted food, water, a couch and football. 6:30 and only 4 miles to go... bang, another 6:30 including up the hill in Milltown. Obviously the momentum continued after that hill because I dropped a 6:10 for the third mile and I was just home. "I could jog now and be home in 15 minutes". Again a 6:10 came out of the bag. "Alright seriously time to slow down... a warm down mile if you will". I felt like I was jogging the end of end of this and struggling bad but it still came in as a 6:30 mile. Everything else that was planned for the rest of the day got cancelled and I ended up vegging around my parents house and eating their food.

Thankfully today I had a bit more sense on my recovery from the recovery run and cruised around 6 miles and as slowly as my legs would let me. More of this slow stuff is required for the rest of this week or I'll be back to being bunched in no time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's all marathon

After a conversation with CR last night it was decided that absolutely everything I do from now on is with the marathon in mind. This marathon could be 2 years away yet - I've no idea but the goal has to be to run the next marathon fast.

That means that we're back looking at using and abusing cross country for the next few months. Throwing in a few road races up to half marathon distance in the middle of cross country. Maybe finding a half marathon and preparing for it as if it was a marathon - 10 dedicated weeks, training runs up to 18 miles and practicing with gels. I still need to get my times down for 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles and the half but as CR reminded me "there's still 20 miles left after 10km" so not getting the 10km time down as far as I want to doesn't necessarily mean I won't hit the marathon time I want.

Recent weeks have seen me wind down my training, take a full week off where I drank and drank and drank, run a half week (the thousandth wedding of the summer stopped that week in its tracks) and now I'm running a week where I'll be clocking up the miles with just one speedwork session. I'd forgotten what it was like to run while not tired and now I'm feeling stronger with every step I take. A few weeks ago CR said that the next goal was to just get back to enjoying running and I can honestly say that I'm back to that stage. It may have taken five weeks of handy running to start enjoying it again but now I feel like I'm ready to have another attack at it. Bring on the mud!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Assuming that I covered my weekly miles at 7 minute pace (probably slower but stay with me) and that I spent a total of 30 minutes for the stretching and showering routine before and after each training session I spent over 12 and a half hours running this week! If that was a part time job, earning minimum wage, I'd have pocketed a cool €106.54 before tax...

Now that I have a seven day break from running what will I do with these 12 hours? The most obvious thing that I can think of is to do the contracting website development work that has been building up since I changed job in July. More than likely though I'll slip into that booze drinking, woman chasing eejit that has been spotted around pubs over the past 6 weekends.